The Beauty Of The Arabic Language

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The Arabic language is an eternal sublime language because it is one of the substantial languages spoken by man throughout the ages. It is stability and victory over the time factor. In cursive letters interconnected with the most beautiful geometric lines in the world, it is sufficient for a person to know that his language is his mother, his identity, and himself, and it is adequate for the Arabs to be proud that the Arabic numerals are the basis of all present sciences. With an innovative engineering design based on acute and right angles, our Arabic numerals took shapes that fit every arithmetic operation. Today, these revolutionary numbers are adopted and used by most countries of the world.

B360 Watch BL Arabi Collection

Every special moment and life event inspires a special gift. There is no gift more refined than wearing a watch that bears the highest and most beautiful language on earth. This collection is a pure expression of eternal love and passion, between its folds, are Arabic lines and numerals that restore the origin of our culture and our connection to our language. Arabic beats with the colors of the sun, the sea, the sky, the desert, and the trees in a dense, pure shade. The B360 BL Arabi Watch Collection tells the story of the transition of the Hindu–Arabic numeral system developed in India around the 6th or 7th century. The numbers of batons represent the profound break from previous counting methods, such as the abacus, and paved the way for the development of algebra.

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