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B360, over the years, has showcased its dexterity in how it incorporates art into its wonderfully crafted watch collections. As a brand known for its rich cultural taste, B360 has introduced a new watch collection called The Arabian.


Arabian Horses are an exclusive collection that bolsters B360’s cultural statement with a refined high level of craftsmanship and enhanced technology for exceptional aestheticism. Arabian Horses have a success story, a highly cherished part of history amongst the Arab cultures.


Traditionally seen as a symbol of power, nobility, grace, and intelligence, bound with good virtues, Arabian Horses are one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world that have transcended centuries.

From the same region with full success stories, the plan is intended to be launched in the first quarter of 2023,

B360 is forming a marketing strategy for the new beautiful series of unique hand-painted watches, targeting horse lovers and the appreciated art; it’s planned to spread the news through regular press releases, featured columns and articles, The use of creatives, fascinating and unique pictures and visuals with professional descriptions of each story is to be used, the official website and social media accounts will be maintained regularly to post updates, information and details to be provided, with regular times negotiation with the mass media, TV channels and radios, to show the art of the watches to the people.

Moreover, a schedule of activities and events will be arranged to promote the new series, such as sponsoring horse shows, renting a hut or a pavilion at important horse events to organize a show and represent the new series of paintings, targeting people with a common interest in Arabian Horses.

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