Where Legends Meet Craftsmanship

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In a world where time races forward, and moments intertwine with memories, B360 offers not just watches but masterpieces that narrate stories transcending time and space. The "Eternal Voyage Edition," our latest creation, is a journey through the rich maritime history of the Arabian Gulf, where each watch is a page from the book of timeless seas.

The Eternal Voyage Edition from B360

Inspiration Behind the Edition:

Drawing inspiration from the eternal spirit of Arabian mariners, who embarked on bold voyages across the Arabian Gulf, this collection embodies persistence, determination, and limitless dreams. These seafarers, who embraced the horizon and challenged storms, have etched stories of courage and adventure, celebrated through the "Eternal Voyage Edition.

Limited Edition


A Design That Tells a Story:

With Swiss precision and handcrafted artistry, each watch in this edition is an artistic marvel. The dial, adorned with a traditional ship and sails intersecting with the winds, bears the poetic line "We are the winds, we are the sea and the ships," expressing the timeless bond between humans and the sea. Carefully selected materials and artistic details give each watch a unique character that mirrors the beauty and grandeur of the seas.

The Glorious GULF

An Invitation to Sail:

The "Eternal Voyage Edition" is not just an addition to your collection but an invitation to embark on a journey through time, to explore stories of bravery and adventure that know no bounds. With every minute and second that passes, this watch reminds you that life is an ongoing voyage of inspiration and dreams.

In the "Eternal Voyage Edition," B360 finds the perfect blend of art, history, and craftsmanship, offering watches that are more than mere timepieces but testimonials to enduring stories. Join us on this journey, embrace time with all its tales and dreams, with the "Eternal Voyage Edition" from B360.

The Eternal Voyage Edition from B360: Where Legends Meet Craftsmanship