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B360°  Watch  is the only design watch that combines technical innovation and precision with thought-provoking personal messages. It embodies the ultimate blend of prestige, performance, glamour and wit. Strapped snugly on the wrist, B360°  Watch stands out as testimony of expressing your being.

To wear a  B360°  Watch is a statement of style reflecting the personality of its owner while highlighting the uniqueness and the individuality.

From plastic, stainless steel and aluminum to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone, B360°  Watch continues to surprise many and reach a much broader range of customers. B360°  Watch reaches out to a wider audience of trend setters. B360°  Watch knows no limits!

B360°  Watch did not simply start a brand, it erupted a revolution in the Watches Industry. The B360°  Watch REVOLUTION started with a single watch “B Proud Watch” that says how proud a person is of his nationality. Since then B360°  Watch has designed over 150 collections in less than 2 years and the Revolution continues.

In less than 2 years B360°  Watch has reaped an astounding amount of retail, press and consumer attention. B360°  Watch has been featured on TV, in editorials and advertisements in prestigious publications and magazines, highlighting its creative and innovative designs. It has been chosen and worn by many celebrities from around the world, singers, actors, rappers, etc. This is in addition to its flagship presence in the world known Dubai Mall and luxury resort hotels such as Atlantis the Palm and more. It is also present in different countries and different locations.

With its steady successful steps, B360°  Watch is undoubtedly paving the way for a new definition of a Watch that does not simply tick with seconds, minutes and hours but reflects a character, personality and a lifestyle.

B360°  Watch “says it all”

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