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February 2015
Create Your Own - B Unique
This is your chance in creating your personalized B Unique watch of B360. Be one of a kind! B Unique is the first and only Art watch launched...


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In days past, a watch was a utilitarian thing. It was designed to tell you the time. It helped to make sure that you weren't late for work or for an appointment that you had waited weeks to get. Times have changed--no pun intended.

Today your watch is far more than a way to give you the right time. In fact, watches in general do a lot more today than just tell you the time. There are watches that can take photos, smart watches that will connect to your smart phone, your computer or other electronic devices. There are even luxury watches that will tell you where you are or how fast you're going.

With all of these to choose from, it makes sense to choose a watch store that has cost effective pricing and a large selection. Buy watches online in Dubai and get the right watch for the right price.

We offer a wide selection of the brands that you know and love. Once you review the watches available to you, one watch just simply won't be enough. There's a lot to do in Dubai. Watches for swimming, watches for elegant affairs, and watches for work and every day wear are about the minimum that you'll want. Watch prices in Dubai don't have to be cost prohibitive. In fact, luxury watches may be far less than you might imagine.

Find them all at prices that nearly everyone can afford at B360Watch.com.