Unique designs that define a person and is an embodiment of luxury and class. A watch that cannot be matched by any other size, quality, mechanics, colors and style. Be the envy and talk of the town by adding a B Class to your collection of watches.
Big, bold and the envy of town.
The flagship collection of the brand and the pride of B360 brand. A unique and innovative concept that says how proud a person is of his nationality. Wearing a B Proud Collection is a bold statement that ticks every second with utmost pride and respect to the flag it is carrying. A sport's mans experience to wear ones national pride wherever he goes.
How proud are you!.
B360° + Fitness First Collaboration


B360° proudly participates in the most prestigious exhibition of watches and jewellery in the world. 2014 will be the debut year for B360° to be recognized by visitors and..

Basel World 2014


IT'S ALL ABOUT PRIDE! Take pride in belonging to a certain nationality or being a fan of something you believe in. The B360 B Proud collection is a statement of PRIDE.

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